Friday, August 13, 2010

Zoo Mini Album

Here's another mini album I created to highlight 2 trips to the zoo we took one year. One was at Milwaukee Zoo, which is a favorite of mine (who doesn't love penguins?!) and another one at Brookfield Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo event that occurs every fall.

I used my Zutter to make my own album! I purchased blank black Zutter covers and covered them with textured animal paper. I just traced the cover onto various patterned paper to use for the interior pages of the book. In the middle of the book to separate the two zoo trips, I've used a clear Hambly sheet adorned with buttons and you'll see that you just see my son and nephew's face in the open circles! This was a lot of fun to do. Check it's wild!


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  1. i love it!!
    what papercollection is it on the front?


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