Monday, October 11, 2010

Cute Packaging Idea!

Here's a couple cute packaging ideas that I found from a wonderful blog that I happened upon ( Her ideas are amazing and I took her idea and decided to roll with it.

I repurposed a blueberry container by adding coordinating items to match the birthday card I created and after I add small gifts (probably tea and some photos of my boys), I'll tie it with the matching aqua ribbon. I can't wait for my husband's grandmother to get her little birthday gift!!

The container below used to hold some small bakery items, but I wanted to repurpose this holder as well! I may add some small photos of the kids, some flameless candles (my MILs husband does NOT like the smell of burning candles at all, so we opt for flameless so at least she can use her pretty candle holders!), and I want to make her another little something to put in there, just not sure what. What? I have until Saturday night to figure that out...we're getting together around noon on Sunday!! So the card matches of course so it all goes well together. 

I hope that this inspires you to ignore your husband giving you a crazy look when you tell him you're saving the containers for something else and do this cute, easy, and totally "green" project! Once I showed him why I was saving these, he decided it was a good idea after all. 

Thanks for looking! Leave me some love :)


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