Monday, October 6, 2014

Getting To Know You Creative Blog Hop

Hi! I was asked by Laurel to continue on with this innovative Blog Hop idea!

What is the Creative Blog Hop?

It is a never-ending blog hop which takes place on Mondays. Each blogger answers questions about themselves and afterwards they tag two to three other creative bloggers. Isn’t that fun? I hope we keep it going for years and years!!

Here goes!!!

1. What projects are you currently working on?
Ha! I always have projects going on for the Design Teams I am lucky enough to be a part of.  Right now, I have several things in the works for both Crafter's Companion and The Alley Way stamps and videos for PaperCrafter's Library!

2. What inspires your designs?
Pinterest.  LOL.  So, that means YOU! And honestly, lots of times I will see signs or posters and I think, "Hey - that would make a great card or layout!

2. If you had to define your design style, what would it be?
Clean and simple.  Period.  I try to mix it up when I can, but I generally stick to CAS.

3. What does your craft area look like?
Don't ask.  It looks like a hurricane hit it about 92% of the time.

4. How does your writing/creative process work?
I have a notebook that I keep all of my assignments in.  I jot down ideas or quick sketches when I think of something that will work for the project.  Then, it kind of snowballs from there.  Oh, and then other times - I just stamp and go - no planning. At all.

5. What three crafty products can you not live without?
Ink (duh)
Cuttlebug (or Vagabond - I love to use dies)
Embossing Paste - yep, I've fallen in love and I'm never turning back.  Ever.

And next Monday, 10/13, the hop will continue! Please visit Roxanne and Lisa!!!

Roxanne is my bestie is is not only a crafter, she is an amazing photographer.  She is so inspiring and I love it when we are able to craft together (which isn't often enough).

Lisa is just beyond creative.  We know each other from this amazing industry and not only is she incredibly talented, she has a heart of gold!

Thanks for stopping by!

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