Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Custom Barrettes using Art Resin!

I'm back, with another project I created using Art Resin! In my last post, I created some jewelry. This time around, I wanted to use some molds.

So, I mixed equal parts and stirred for 3 minutes until I got this:

Then, I put it into a medicine dropper and filled up some of the molds.  I've had these molds for a bit now.  They are by Martha Stewart.

There were some bubbles, but before I could even blow them out, they disappeared on their own! So awesome!

OK, and since I was experimenting, I decided to add different types of color directly to the mixtures in the molds and stir with toothpicks.  I know this isn't recommended, but I was curious to see how it would dry without being mixed really well.

My first color attempt was with some Memento Fireworks sprays.  I dropped in some color and stirred.  It was actually more vibrant than I expected!

Next, I added some Ken Oliver Color Burst.  This powder is SUPER concentrated color, so I knew it would end up making the resin a really deep color.

With hardly any powder at all, my resin was full of color.

Then came the hardest part! I had to set them aside to dry.  They cure within 24 hours, that you can touch them, but I waited 72 hours to make sure they were hard enough to work with.

I added some gold acrylic paint and then gently wiped it off with a paper towel so it left a hint of shimmer behind.

Finally, I used some E6000 to adhere the shapes to barrettes!

I am so happy with how they came out.,  The spray mist is so and pretty and the color bursts are really vibrant and pop!

And my daughter loves them, too! She stole them immediately and has been wearing them almost every day!

I can't recommend using Art Resin enough! I was always afraid to try resin in the past (this is why I had those molds on hand, unused for quite some time) and I should have tried it sooner.  It doesn't smell at all, is easy to clean up with warm water and it just so simple to use!

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Resin: Art Resin
Coloring: Memento Fireworks Sprays, Ken Oliver Color Bursts
Molds: Martha Stewart
Glue: E6000

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